Alessandro Del Piero

Alessandro "ALE" Del Piero (born on 9 November 1974 in Conegliano, Veneto) is a soccer player Italian origin. He started his career in 1991 in the Series B in Padova, since 1993 he has been playing in Juventus. Fill a position that he is usually the position of full-attacker or attack. Del Piero has known both the dribble, as well as experts in the ball-the ball dead. Although an attacker, it was more of a role as the creator of such as target man.but not mean that he has never become a goal most printing. Evidence in the 2007-2008 season, players looking into Tops Score Italian League (Capocanonieri / printing most goals). on 10 January 2006 he became a printer during the most historic goal for Juventus after collect 199 goals in 13 years as a Juventus player. Husband of Sonia Amoruso has in want by Arsenal, but he still chose to defend Juventus punished as bribe scandals terdegradasi to Serie B. Alessandro Del Piero is also famous because the free kick. He is the captain and the players who most people favoritkan in Turin. Even though he was not born in Turin, but he is the idol for the majority community Turin. Del Piero also help Timnas Italy won the World Cup 2006 with a golnya to create a hurdle Germany Italy winning 2-0 over the host team.

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